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Services Provided

Offshore Construction
Our offshore construction services include structures such as platforms, manifolds, production systems, piping and jackets, helidecks, skid packages, compressors, decks, deck extensions, walkways, ladders, hand rails, tanks, boat landings, navaid decks, clamps, risers, and subsea assemblies.

Offshore Fabrication
UPCS fabricates a wide array of components critical to the offshore oil and gas sector. Our fabrication services encompass offshore platforms, manifolds, production systems, piping, jackets and other critical offshore components.

Offshore Maintenance
Our offshore maintenance services include welding, painting and blasting offshore structures and piping systems. This maintenance service ensures maximization of an asset's useable life. In cases where a structure poses health, safety or environmental risks, UPCS performs decommissioning and dismantling services utilizing its highly skilled offshore crews and equipment. We have decommissioned a variety of structures in the Gulf of Mexico of varying scale and size.