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Services Provided

Onshore Construction
Our onshore construction services include installation and construction of components fabricated in-house as well as by third-parties. UPCS prides itself upon quality construction tailored to the customer's specifications and requirements. We have a resume of constructing gathering systems, tank farms, processing and production systems, piping and launchers and receivers in various sizes.

Onshore Fabrication
UPCS fabricates a wide array of components critical to the oil and gas and industrial sectors. These include compressor and production spool piping, manifolds, production skid piping, launchers, receivers, ASME certified vessels and other piping components.

Onshore Maintenance
Our maintenance and decommissioning services range in scope and size. To maximize a structure's useable life, UPCS works with its customers to develop a recurring maintenance schedule on newly built structures. On projects with pre-built structures, we focus on repair, maintenance and preservation of the functionality and integrity of the asset. UPCS also performs decommissioning and dismantling services of structures that pose health, safety and environmental risks.